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Created : 2019-01-26


Team : Team DRG
Nation(s) : United Kingdom United Kingdom / Croatia Croatia / Denmark Denmark / Sweden Sweden / Norway Norway / Germany Germany / Morocco

looking for palyer's to go pro

Looking for : 10 Player(s)
Language : English
Level min : Gold Nova I Gold Nova I
Professional team : No
Remuneration : No
Role(s) :
- Player


Hello we are looking for people who are wanting to work hard and play in a serious competitive CS:GO team/group who want to push for pro.

you must be within the following criteria.

18 or older.

must have at least 500 hours ingame.

live in the UK or EU (for ping reasons.)

speak english fluently, clearly and well. (this one is a no brainer)

be within the ranks of gold nova 1 to gold nova master. (so we are all within the same skill group)

willing to work well as a team and listen to the in game leader and other's. (important of couse)

be online and playing CS:GO every day if you can and willing to do team training 2 times a week every Friday and Saturday playing with the team.

have at least basic in game knowledge of map callouts, smokes, nades, flashbangs and others basics.

need to have discord as it is our main means of talking when in game.
meesage me to join our discord)

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