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Created : 2018-11-20


Team : FSH Gaming, Inc. eSports
Nation(s) : United States United States
Website : http://fshgaming.net

Entry Fragger For FSHG eSports

Looking for : 1 Player(s)
Language : English
Level min : Master Guardian Elite Master Guardian Elite
Professional team : No
Remuneration : No
Role(s) :
- Player


Hi all,


I'm Fury, the owner of FSH Gaming, Inc. I play for the Dallas Dynamite as an AWPer. I also played for FSH Gaming's R6:S and CS:GO teams.

Recently, we overwent a staff turnover, letting go around 75 officers, designers, moderators, coders, and eSports players, but kept our member list.

We are now re-hiring a fresh new set of players, as our others have since retired.


We need four players:



This offer applies to the entry fragger:

First, need an entry fragger. We want a player who plays aggressively, and knows how to push smokes and get creative with their flashes (using pistols, faking sounds, etc.)


If you are applying for entry fragger, ignore the following:

Next, we need an IGL. We will give you sets of commands, plays, and manuevers we tend to run, but if you have your own, we will work with those too. You also need to work as a flex, and be able to AWP as well as entry-frag.


Of course, to follow our entry fragger, we need a refragger. The refragger will play a much more passive role than the entry fragger, but will still need to know similar strats, and be able to take over when he dies.


Finally, we need a lurker. We are looking for a smarter player over one with fast reflexes. We are going to place a aggresive as a team so the lurker has to know what to do and have quick thinking. We aren't going to go through any special training, so bring your own arsenal of techniques to flank and surprise enemies.

I will be AWPing, and we have a stand-in AWPer for scenarios where I won't be available. For these reasons, I recommend a decent PC to record the game live so I can help, even if I'm not playing.


We will compete on ESL and FaceIT as community players. We are going to create a new roster on ESL, but our reputation will still be high, so we are likely to get recognized in games. FaceIT will be more of a challenge, but by training as a team, we should be able to farm lesser opponenets.

I play in private and FaceIT leagues, so my rank is the same it has been since I started playing this game (S2), because I have not played ranked since I went into eSports.

Unless you are also coming from pro leagues, your required rank is MGE, or higher at the time of applying.

Payment will not become available for a currently unknown period of time, but you will be considered a member of the FSH Gaming Community, which gives you a list of benefits that are listed on our website, but due to the issue listed below, for that list, contact me or an officer. 

Final note: due to staff turnover, and lack of moderators and programmers, our site is down for maintenance, but PM me if you wish to find more information over FSH Gaming, Inc., its game designing and publishing subsidiaries, and online community.


Good luck, and remember:

don't play Fornite.

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