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Created : 2018-01-08


Team : Sol!d Esports

Recruiting a 5th (Entry Fragger)

Looking for : 1 Player(s)
Language : English
Level min : Supreme Master First Class Supreme Master First Class
Professional team : No
Remuneration : No
Role(s) :
- Player


Hi folks, some of you might remember me posting a month or so ago looking for our 5th and unfortunately we are still looking.


We had a fair whack of people apply, alot of good players but didnt work out for both parties be it schedule or style of play etc.


 We have been a team for around ten months with a really good structure, good atmosphere in the team and a good understanding of one another ingame. We haven't had the best fortune in rosters and unfortunately when we build up steam or make it to the next step, sometimes people cant commit.

We intend to be in ESEA season 28 so having ESEA is a MUST for joining the team. 


What I will say before I go into requirements and what we offer, before you apply please read this properly and understand what we're after. We're after someone who is going to be in the team on a long term/ permanent basis. This means there will be games we destroy people and there will be games we get destroyed. Its all about learning from it and growing as a team and developing as one. As much as everyone loves winning there will be days you or someone doesnt play their best or we have a bad day and this needs to be handled with respect. 


We are recruiting for an Entry Fragger. I need to quite stern about this, we only want an Entry Fragger, we have our riflers, awper and IGL. As a 4 we all agree on this, our team would benefit most from a seasoned Entry and will have a team behind him who respects the challenges of the role and will support in anyway possible. The reason we ask for specifically an Entry is this, if you want to join to 'give it a try' it leaves us and you in a not so great position  if you end up not enjoying it. 

If you've managed to get this far down the post this is what we're after :) 





Ts3 and a good mic

Decent amount of activity (3-4 nights a week) 


Cool head ingame

1500+ hours

Willing to accept and give criticism in the correct manner

Dont be toxic


What we offer


Joining a stable team which has been built and ready to go for months, determind and constantly wanting to improve with a friendly atmosphere and non toxic communication ingame.

ts3 server

128 tick server

Stratbook constanly being improved

Training to improve timing and working together ingame

Always someone on to pug with or wingman with



If this add appeals to you and think it could work out (providing you're an entry fragger ;)  please get intouch with myself on steam or Cyborg.







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