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Created : 2020-09-26


Nickname : fo
From : United Kingdom United Kingdom
Age : 35 years
Language : English
Level : The Global Elite The Global Elite
Role(s) :
- Leader
- Player


Hi guys my name is Christian "fo" James and im looking to get back into CS.


About me.

Played CS since 1999.

leader of many top UK teams

My teams were top Uk ED ladder and Ungl also placed second in ESL invite winter cup 2007

To much experience too list.

35 years of age and very chilled - never rage or shout etc

like a drink on the weekends when i play CS - Its more of a laugh for me now - 100% not serious anymore, no time for serious training sessions, etc so if your looking for a leader too push your team forward into leagues and cups im sorry im not that guy.



What im looking for.

Casual group /community of mature people around my age who play regularly on faceit etc

I still have a group of old team mates from 2005 ...we never stopped playing games together ..the problem is they are hooked on Valorant and i am not keen on the special abilities so ive decided too try and find a new group of lads to pop heads with.


If any one knows of a communtiy/team please add me to steam :)





p.s i was skill lvl global for a long time but i am just returning too the game so no longer that rank.

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