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Created : 2020-04-24


Nickname : iamchickenking
From :
Age : 20 years
Language : Romanian
Level : Master Guardian Elite Master Guardian Elite
Role(s) :
- Leader
- Player


My name is Puiu Ianis, I am 17 years old and I am from Romania.

I can fluently speak English too. I am currently MGE on csgo but I haven't played that hard because I didn't have a team to play wit. I am an IGL because I maybe not am the best shooter and not have the best aim but I know how to analyze moments and create good starts for every situation. A few years ago while I was playing more competitively I got ESEA rank A- (by playing with a team) I was the one creating starts and we had many comebacks that were based on my creativity and quick reaction in that situation.

I play CSGO since 2013 and before played source. I have a lot of game sense and experience.

I am looking for a team with whom I can evolve and achieve my peak. I am friendly and tilt proof.

Kind Regards,

Puiu Ianis 

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