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Created : 2019-11-07


Nickname : Mystican
From : Sweden Sweden
Age : 21 years
Language : English
Level : The Global Elite The Global Elite
Role(s) :
- Player


Hello my name is Linus aka Mystican i'm 21 years old from south sweden i have been playing cs since 2005 i'm lookin for a serious cs team that wanna put in the time and effort to become a better team with strats/coms etc my achievements are Ninjat Lan 2014:3rd Place - EEL Season 2 2018:2nd Place - EEL Season 3 2018:2nd Place - ESEA Season 29: Made Playoffs i have 6192 hrs on cs. The roles i can play is Lurker/entry or just riffler i'm a very dedicated and happy person i put my heart and soul in to cs to become better cs player and to make it to the pro scene one day with a dedicated team that is my goal my rank is ESEA Rank: B Highest Rank: B+ Faceit Level: 6 Highest Level: 9 Esportal: Pro its swedish faceit. i'm not lookin for a fun/esea one time team, i'm lookin for a team that is long term team that will last a long time that is 100% serious, i have been playing in serious teams before with orgs under them. add me on steam if you wanna talk more or just have questions anyway take care.

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