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Created : 2019-02-11


Nickname : Fusi0nking
From : Netherlands Netherlands
Age : 17 years
Language : Dutch
Level : Supreme Master First Class Supreme Master First Class
Role(s) :
- Player


I'm Sander (17) i've been playing CS:GO for about 5years and currently have almost 2.200h. My current mm rank is DMG, i've been up to supreme and faceit gold back in 2016 (achieved by playing for fun with friends). after some stuff changed in my life i decided to leave cs for a while. now i've been playing with my friends for fun the past 1,5year and would like to compete in a competitive team and climb the ladder.

I'm from the netherlands and i speak both Dutch(obv) and English.

My role has always been entry fragger as a rifler(T side) and supportive awper(CT Side).

If i had to describe myself i would say i'm a nice calm person and i would never give up and would go to the end for my team, i'm also a good listener and communicate well.

Because i got a mental condition (anxiety problems) since i was 9 i got lots of time (5hours+ a day is no problem) because i'm un able to go to school. i am how ever working on improving my life everyday (moslty after 20:30 so its difficult for me to play after this time, exceptions can be made for tournaments etc) by working on the problems i have.

I'm looking for a team that accepts who i am and (preferably) dutch speaking that wants to climb the ladder and with enough practice join online tournaments.

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