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Created : 2019-02-07


Nickname : SpammKawG
From :
Age : 19 years
Language : English
Level : Distinguished Master Guardian Distinguished Master Guardian
Role(s) :
- Player


Keep Positive, If youre feeling low I got you!


You have been all in those breaking points where your self esteem got crushed. You dont want to continue playing from a hard team, with the mentality like that sometimes we cant help but affect the teammates too! Dont worry. With me I can do what ever I can to make you come back and lit up that fire within you! Every round will have changes to keep you doing what you do best! Leave that pride alone because we will not use it through out the match when I am playing. Just enjoy and keep that focus, I will throw those toxicity out of your system even if it takes me how many assists or trade kills for the winning rounds!

T - Roles: 2nd Entry support (Trade killer),  Utility support

CT - Roles: Secondary Awper, Lurker, retake entry fragger

I do want to play ameture since I believe my skills are enough to help good teams, I prefer to contribute to the team than doing a one man army.

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