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Created : 2018-12-10


Nickname : RooKie
From : United Kingdom United Kingdom
Age : 18 years
Language : English
Level : Distinguished Master Guardian Distinguished Master Guardian
Role(s) :
- Player


Hey, I'm looking for a team that's looking to improve and wants to progress to the next level, I'm 18 years old and I'm from the UK, my faceit level is level 4 and my ESEA was rank B (don't play it much anymore) and i don't mind paying for premium. I'm looking for a team that's going to train regularly and want's to achieve something, entering tournaments and maybe joining a casual league is my goal, I play Primary/Secondary awp, Rifler, Entry fragger and Luker but I'm willing to tryout other roles, I've been in quite a few teams so i know how to treat/respect my teammates but i also know how to give constructive critism, I'm hungry to improve myself but also to help improve as a team player, if you're interested then feel free to add me on steam or comment on my pf or just message me on this site, thanks for reading! 


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