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Created : 2018-11-12


Nickname : Saleekius
From : United States United States
Age : 19 years
Language : English
Level : Gold Nova Master Gold Nova Master
Role(s) :
- Player


What I'm Looking for:

  • A team looking to get into small tournaments such as ESL cups or FaceIt, etc. In the dreams of one day becoming an actual eSports team (even if it will take years and years to accomplish)

  • A team that does not take rank into acount, only actual player skill.

  • An organized team that has weekly practices to grow together and work together.

  • Probobly more things, but that can be discussed over discord.

Competetive History:

I Started playing Counter-Strike in 2014. My first original rank was SIlver 1 (Like most new players). However I eventually made my way up to Gold Nova 1 before the rank system changes, afterwards I was put to Silver 3. I later took a year break from Counter-Strike and came back to Silver 1 and being stuck in the "Silver Trap". About a month ago, my friend purchased CS and wanted me to get him his initial rank. I played his 10 competetive games and was ranked Gold Nova Master. So I would say I'm a GNM ranked player. Earlier this year I participated with my old team (Paladins) in a JV league (SCL) where my team came up second in the entire league and playoffs.

Positions and Playstyle:

The position I prefer the most would be Lurk. I have great awareness of what's going on around me. I'm able to easily communicate to other members without taking too much time in the voice chat. I can use almost any weapon besides the Galil and Famas.  And I know most of the "Pick-Spots" on every map. I can easily pick off those who are rotating sites. Not to mention I also have great trigger discipline.

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