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Created : 2016-12-07


Nickname : B33MER
From :
Age : 18 years
Language : English
Level : Supreme Master First Class Supreme Master First Class
Role(s) :
- Leader
- Player


 Hello, my name is B33MER and I'm looking for a CS:GO team to join. Current rank varies from SMFC to LEM (I keep ranking and deranking). I love to play the game and have a very flexible schedule. Below are a description of my abilities and what I can bring to the team.

AWPer: I can use an AWP when needed for two AWPer setups, but I personally think I am not good enough to be a dedicated AWPer. I can wield the AWP and use it when the time arises but I should not be considered for a dedicated AWPer role.

Leader: I can proudly say I spend around 8 hours (on average) a day on CS:GO. Around 4-5 of those hours is watching other professional teams play, as I love to lead, learn, and play. I can successfully say that I know most smokes on all of the active duty maps and constantly testing for new smokes to create new gamebreaking strats. If you are looking for a new IGL, then you are looking at the right guy, as this is my most favorite part of playing CS.

Rifler, Entry, Support: I have no issue performing as a rifler or support player, as I am very good at adapting to situations on the spot. Being more towards an IGL role, I can also perform as a support player very efficiently, knowing smokes, flashes, executes, etc. I can rifle without a doubt, just going with the flow of what the team is doing and getting the necessary picks to win the round. As an entry, I have issues. I have no problem going first into a site, I just do not perform well at that role and do not enjoy playing as that role.

Experience: Sadly, I have not had much exposure to tournaments or ladders besides the FACEit community nights. The reason I am applying for a team is so I can get that exposure and really prove myself to my new team and it's members. I am familiar with CEVO, ESEA, and FACEit and have accounts on all three. As said, I have plenty experience in the game but just no exposure to ladders, or tournaments and want to participate in events such as those.

Personally: I can be a good and collective player who is hard to tilt. I am very shy at first and don't do much talking until I get to know you. I am willing to learn and develop as a player and be taught new things to further improve in the game, as well as teach other players what I know, such as strats, smokes, flashes, etc. I am out of Southern Michigan and am 17 years old.

Contact: I can be reached on my steam account or through this website. If you do add me, please send a message right after I accept letting me know, as I am not willing to chase. I also would like to note that I am not the best at explaining myself and would rather just show you my abilities in person by playing a game with you and other potential team members or if you want me to submit a VOD with comms I can do that too.



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